The rooms of the BED & BREAKFAST

The Sunflowers Room in our B&B:
The name of the room is inspired by the color of the walls, a bright and warm yellow. This is a triple room, where we can also add an extra bed.
The room is very spacious and well decorated, perfect for all needs. The Sunflowers room is a good choice both for families and couples.
Size of the room: 20 meters squared

The Roses Room:
This is the biggest and largest room of the Bed & Breakfast in Scanzo - Bergamo, where it is possible to add one or two extra beds, if required. The warm and homely atmosphere is perfect for couples, but also for families with one or two children.
Size of the room: 22 meters squared

The Lilies Room:
This is the most luminous B&B's room, placed just in front of the garden. The green color of the walls matches perfectly the colors of the garden and gives a fresh touch of vivacity to the room. We suggest this room to couples but also to those needing one or two single beds.
Size of the room: 14 meters squared

Services available in the rooms of the Bed & Breakfast:
In the bedrooms of our Bed & Breakfast: and in the bathrooms we provide the following services, included into the price:
Wardrobe, Bedside tables, Sheets and Towels, Television, Kettle with coffee and tea, Hair dryer, Fan

The breakfast at the Bed & Breakfast:
Breakfast is served between 7.00am and 9.30am; however if you need a different schedule we will try to arrange the best we can to allow your full satisfaction. During spring and summer time breakfast will be served close to the swimming pool area, while during autumn and winter time it will be served in the big living room.
To start your day in the best way, here the breakfast we serve:
  • milk/ coffee/ milkcoffee/ tea/ cappuccino
  • yogurt
  • biscuits
  • cakes
  • jam, chocolate
  • butter
  • fresh bread
  • cheese, ham
  • eggs
  • fresh fruit
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