The surroundings of the Bed & Breakfast

Scanzorosciate, the town where our Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is located, is surrounded by nature and quietness. In this area the tourism can offer various opportunities: mountains, lakes, fun, relax.
Just a few kilometers from our Bed & Breakfast you will be able to visit:
  • Bergamo Città Alta: You only need half a day to get an idea of the wonderful things this city can offer: art and historical building in the old Bergamo, walks in small roads and squares, museums and parks. Do not forget to catch the old cable-car to reach Città Alta.
  • The Lakes: Endine and Iseo lakes (at about 20km) and the famous lakes of Garda and Como (at about 60km) offer a good choice to have fun and enjoy. Here you can have boat tours and cruises, wonderful water-parks, fun-parks or relax in a spa.
  • Bergamo Valleys: Val Seriana, Val Brembana, Vall'Imagna, Val Cavalina, Val di Scalve. In all these valleys you can make long walks in summer or go to sky in winter time.

Bergamo City:
The old square of Bergamo Città Alta has been defined by the famous architect Le Corbusier as 'the most beautiful square of Europe': here you can finf the Civic Library, il Palazzo della Ragione, the Fontana del Contarini (XVII century),the Palce of the Podestà built around the 1340 from the Venetians, and the Big Tower, a tall civic tower that every evening, at 10:00pm, rings 100 bells, to remember the time when the gates of the town were closed for the night.
Another important square is 'Piazza Duomo', where you can admire the famous monuments of the city: the Duomo, Santa Maria Maggiore, Cappella Colleoni and the Battistero with its octagonal shape.
The city of Bergamo offers also a various number of museums, like the Historical Museum which conserves documents and memories of the Indipendence Wars, the Thousand expeditions, and also the World Wars. There is also an interesting Archeological Museum, Natural Science Museum, and a Museum dedicated to Donizetti, a famous artist from Bergamo.

Scanzorosciate is a little village built during Roman's time near Bergamo and Orio al Serio Airport. It is surrounded by hills and vineyards. It is a place to discover step by step. Its location gives a panoramic view where you can see all the beautiful hills and the renewed vineyards cultures which make this place suggestive.
This is a place of great naturalistic relevance between little valleys and paths, the right place to immerse yourself into the quietness and serenity. Scanzorosciate has moreover a big artistic and architectonic patrimony. The five churches contain paints of famous painters as Giuseppe and Vincenzo Angelo Orelli, Cifondi, Francesco Zucco and the Talpino. The area is reach of Local Restaurants and Farms, where you can stop and taste the typical wine and eat Bergamo's local dishes.

Moscato di Scanzo:
Moscato di Scanzo is one of the most ancient wine of Italy, the first information are dated during the Roman's conquer of Scanzo's territory. It was already appreciated at European level also during the previous century.
The vineyards from which the wine Moscato di Scanzo is produced is and endemic cultivation in other words the plant was borned and cultivated till now a days by Scanzo's farmer.Historians date these cultivations since the pre-roman period and some also sustain that the Romans introduced this kind of cultivation in the collinear areas.
This wine is a meditation wine, it has intense red color with fruit able perfume which you can not miss at all.
Bergamo, the walls of  Città Alta
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